Performances & Repertoire

The South Cape Children's Choir presents between 20 - 30 performances during its annual concert season ranging from February to December. These include:
  • Full length concerts, separated by an interval. (3 hours)
  • Full-length concerts without an interval. (1 1/2-2 hours)
  • Joint concerts, shared with other choirs or artists
  • Backing artists at performances of well-known singers
  • Performances as guest artists at special functions
  • Competitions, Choir Festivals and weekend tours
  • TV and Radio recordings
  • CD recordings
  • Regional, national and international tours
  • Church services
  • Christmas concerts and services


The SCCC is a division of the South Cape Music Academy, a non-profit company limited by transport and operational costs, and therefore charges a concert appearance fee depending on the nature of the concert presented, or the amount of rehearsal time required.


  • Transport and accommodation costs have to be considered when booking the SCCC in a location outside the Southern Cape region.
  • Concerts should preferably not be arranged during school exam times (usually the last two-three weeks of every school term.)
  • Concerts during weekday evenings are usually undertaken with a smaller choir group, owing to school pressures and transport issues.



The South Cape Children's Choir offers a wide range of choral genres as part of its annual repertoire. As a medium of musical education for young singers, the following key aspects are always included:

  • Polyphonic works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods of Western Classical Music.
  • Works from the Classical and Romantic periods.
  • Works from the 20th Century (Classical and contemporary-classical/avant-garde).
  • Afrikaans Folk music.
  • Authentic ethnic works from Africa.
  • Multi-cultural works from various countries.
  • Choral arrangements of contemporary "pop" music.

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