Prizegiving 2012

This year's prizegiving was held on Saturday 17 November 2012 at Tuinedal DR Church, after the performance of Benjamin Britten's "A Festival of Carols". The following prizewinners were honoured for their service to the Choir:




Long-Service Awards:

  •  Arno  Hollander 6 years
     Arnu  van Wyk 6 years
     Jamy-Lee  October 5 years
     Anja  Tait 5 years
     Este  Tait 5 years
     Erin   Joubert 5 years
     Amorei  Vermaak 5 years


Special Certificates of Merit (for Musical Contributions)

  • Kelsey Albertus
  • Brighitte Deister
  • Cornel Engelbrecht
  • Franco Engelbrecht
  • Caera Grindlay
  • Jacobus Jacobs
  • Ashanti van Wyk
  • Chanté van der Westhuizen
  • Le-Quin van Wyk
  • Throy Petersen


The George Culture Link "Carpe Diem" Floating Trophy for First-Years

(Awarded to members in their first year who faced particular challenges and rose to such challenges with commitment and excellence.)

  • Kayleigh Francis


The Lishe' Hofmeyr "Con Spirito" Floating Trophy for Juniors (1-3 Years)

(Awarded to a junior member of the Choir who distinguished him/herself by "stepping in and stepping up to the diverse challenges of choir membership.)

  • Gillian Young


The "Crescendo" Floating Trophy

(Awarded to a member whose individual spirit has contributed greatly to the success of the Choir).

  • Kelsey Albertus

The "Capriccio" Floating Trophy

(Awarded to a member whose individual personality is "a breath of fresh air" to the Choir).

  • Jessie Emslie

The Eddie Lottering "Logistica" Floating Trophy 

(Awarded for excellence in logistic support and service to the Choir)

  • Anja Tait
  • Arno Hollander


The Susan Lottering "Persona Ordinata" Floating Trophy 

(Awarded for excellence in the caring for, and pride in wearing the choral uniform of the Choir)

  • Le-Quin van Wyk


The Louise Hofmeyr "Jubilate" Floating Trophy

(Awarded to a deep, quiet child who lives his/her identity in the Choir, excelling and showing healthy character-traits and leadership skills, thereby contributing greatly to the unity of the group.

  • Anita Marais


Trophy: Best Percussion contribution: 2012

  • Franco Engelbrecht


The Ronel Vermaak Floating Trophy - Award for 100% Attendance

(Awarded to children who have a 100% attendance of workshops, rehearsals, camps and concerts for a one-year period.

 Este'  Tait 5 years
 Rolandi  Strydom 2 years
 Simone'  Christie 2 years
 Le-Quin Van Wyk 1 year
 Karla  Viljoen 1 year
Simone'  Redgard 1 year
 Anja  Marx 1 year

Special Award: Este' Tait (100% Attendance for 5 years running!)


The Thysie Booyens "Ex Animi" Floating Trophy 

(Awarded to members who have made a unique contribution to the choir's success)

  • Ashanti van Wyk


The Conductor's "Cantare" Floating Trophy

(Awarded to members with unique musicality, utilizing their gift in the advancement of the overall excellence of the Choir)

  • Brighitte Deister


The Chairman's "Excelsior" Floating Trophy

(Awarded to a member who has been a worthy ambassador of the Choir, showing leadership and good service to the Choir.

  • Throy Petersen


The Dawn Victor Floating Trophy for Best Voice Group

(Awarded to the Voice Group who consistently masters its vocal parts and show effective sound quality in performances, good conduct and cooperation.)

  • First Sopranos


The Dawn Victor Floating Trophy for Voice Group with the Best Spirit

(Awarded to a voice group showing consistent motivation in its group dynamic.)

  • First Altos