South Cape Children’s Choir

We are an amateur regional children’s choir based in George with a choral sound is unique, vibrant, clear and stirring, with a musical discipline extending far beyond our ages.

Our parents are our greatest supporters, striving to invest in their children’s vocal development by working hard to make unique performance opportunities a reality. Since our founding in 1996, we have received critical acclaim from a wide range of choral specialists and practitioners, from as far afield as Finland, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Canada, Australia and the USA.

We are proud of the many accolades for exceptional performances we have achieved throughout our history and are currently ranked under the top 500 choirs, worldwide.

Our Motto

“Carmina Audite”
– Listen to our Songs!

Our Vision

As choral ambassadors of the Garden Route, Little Karoo and our beautiful country, South Africa, we strive to become one of the foremost amateur children’s choirs in the world!

Our Inspiration

“When children sing beautifully, it speaks directly to the soul” – Anne Tomlinson

“Music is the universal language; you will form your own identity as soon as you are able to communicate with world choirs, learning from them, contributing toward them” – Hennie Loock

Our History

The South Cape Children’s Choir is a proud product of the International Children’s Choir Movement that began in the 1800’s when girls were accepted into boys’ cathedral choirs for the first time, and reached our shores in 1967 with the founding of the Pretoria Children’s Choir.

There are currently approximately 15 children’s choirs active in South Africa, including the Tygerberg Children’s Choir, the Eastern Cape Children’s Choir, the Cantare Children’s Choir, the Erkhurhuleni Children’s Choir, the Jakaranda Children’s Choir, the Magaliesburg Children’s Choir, the Pietermaritzburg Children’s Choir, the Kimberley Children’s Choir and the Bloemfontein Children’s Choir.

Owing to need for the development of a culture of music in the Southern Cape in the 1990’s, the South Cape Music Academy (SCMA) was founded by Prof. Wynand Mouton, Dr Dries du Toit, Freude du Toit, Prof. Willie v.d. Westhuizen, John Theodore, Dr Ronel van Aswegen and Louis van Rooyen. 

At this stage Andries van Schalkwyk, principal at Outeniqua Primary School, (previously chairman of Eastern Cape Children’s Choir) was already busy forming a regional choir in the Southern Cape.

The SCMA became aware of this and contacted him, requesting that he become a member of the Academy and to establish this choir (South Cape Children’s Choir – SCCC) under their umbrella. This was done, but a few months later strategic members of the SCMA relocated and the Academy was dissolved, resulting in the SCCC to continue functioning under the leadership of the SCCC Committee.

Naomi Koekemoer (Park Primary School, Mossel Bay) was the founding conductor. Kalene Roux was the choir’s first accompanist. Karin Netley (Denneoord Primary School) was appointed as assistant trainer.

The choir had its debut concert in the Dias Maritime Museum, Mossel Bay, on 8 November 1996, with Gé Korsten as the guest artist.


International Federation for Choral Music

Ranked 214 on Interkultur top 1000 world ranking list