Our Vision, Mission And Values






Suid-Kaapse Kinderkoor, ons sing vir Jou
"Carmina Audite" ons leuse trou,
Van Knysna, Mosselbaai, Oudtshoorn en George
Soos nog altyd weer, sing ons nog 'n keer
Suid-Kaap vir Jou!

Youth of the Southern Cape, our songs we sing,
Through mountains and the sea our voices ring
Creating harmony, rhythm and rhyme
As we sing our song, come and sing along,
Sing one more time!

(Words: J-E and Louise Swart)
(Melody: Old Afrikaans student song)



As choral ambassadors of the Garden Route, Little Karoo and our beautiful country, South Africa, we strive to become one of the foremost amateur children’s choirs in the world!




Together, we create unique musical experiences that:

  • Seek to attain the highest level of artistic achievement;
  • Rigorously train aspiring young choristers in the Southern Cape;
  • Foster the intellectual, moral, social and physical growth of our members;
  • Pursue and share lifelong learning experiences through the unifying medium of choral performance;
  • Encourage cross-cultural participation of all ethnic, cultural, language, religious and socio-economic groups;
  • Promote a sense of community and mutual understanding through the universal language of music;
  • Speak a musical language of divine love, grace, joy and hope through Jesus Christ our Lord. 



#1. Excellence - We achieve musical excellence through persistence, diligence, disciplined learning and continuous improvement.

#2. Respect - We respect the diversity, dignity and interdependence of all our members, staff and stakeholders.

#3. Trust - We conduct ourselves in ways that generate trust, build confidence and earn respect.

#4. Stewardship - We share humble accountability for the ongoing success of our choir.

#5. Commitment - We are committed to being worthy representatives of our musical discipline.

#6. Passion - We strive to attain the highest goals of choral artistry - ethereal head-tones, crystal-clear intonation, dynamic phrasing within a spirited stage presence. 



"When children sing beautifully, it speaks directly to the soul" - Anne Tomlinson

"The aim and final reason of all music should be nothing else but the Glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit." - J.S. Bach

"Music is the universal language; you will form your own identity as soon as you are able to communicate with world choirs, learning from them, contributing toward them" - Hennie Loock

"Music is far too important to be left entirely in the hands of professionals."


"Any person can achieve success in life, if...

You have a positive attitude​; You work hard​; You are surrounded by people who understand you​; You believe in yourself!"